Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ipad pillow

So here is my attempt at an Ipad pillow and I am really really pleased with it. Considering I only started sewing in the last couple of months I think I'm doing pretty well!

I've been oogling at lots and lots of quilts on the net and am desperate to make one. I've found myself a quilt group to go to. The next group is next Thursday so I'll let you know how that goes.



  1. Hello Ally, just found your delightful blog through FAFF. I'm not so into card making (have a sister who does beautiful scrapbooking and card making) but I do sew and quilt. Hope I'm not too late, but when you go to your quilt group, take along your sewing machine and I'm sure the ladies there will help you work out why your thread keeps breaking (because it should not!). It's often just the way you have threaded it through the path to the needle. Although we are probably thousands of miles apart, feel free to drop me an email if you need any help with your sewing (you can contact me through my blog) - your Reader pillow is fantastic!! why didn't I think of that?? :-)
    I hope you enjoy the quilt group and continue to enjoy your sewing,
    Cheers from Australia!

  2. I love quilting and have been doing it for years. You will love it too, I bet. I will follow you so I can see how you are making out. I have never gotten into scrapbooking. It seemed to me that two busy crafts was one two many for me. I found you on sew Many Ways Find a Friend Friday. I will be Back!

  3. I wasn't sure what an ipad pillow was but what a great idea! Enjoy your quilt class. I'm also desperate to make a quilt - I bought a jelly roll at a Quilt Fair yesterday, though I don't know when I'll be brave enough to make a start with it. I look forward to hearing how you get on x

  4. Hi!
    Congratulations on starting your journey as a quilter!
    I've been quilting for over 20 years, I love it!!
    Your problem with your thread breaking, make sure you have your needle in correctly. If it is backward or across to the correct position, the thread will not move thru to the bottom correctly, causing the thread to get caught in the wrong place and break!
    I have a question for you, what did you use for a pattern for the ipad pillow, or could you give me measurements of the pieces?
    This is just a big Humbolt zip bag, You sew a zipper up the 1 side, then you sew one end along the bottom of the zipper, and the other end perpendicular to the 1st, or the same direction as the zipper!
    thanks, Leslie

  5. Your ipad cushion is a clever idea and it's made out of beautiful fabric. Have fun at your patchwork group and I'll look forward to seeing what you make,

  6. I love your iPad pillow and I think maybe I need one of these for my Kindle (I use OH's pillow to prop it up when I am reading in bed, but then if he comes to bed too that all gets scuppered as he needs somewhere for his head!!). Best of luck with the quilting - the quilt group sounds great!

  7. Great idea and the fabric is gorgeous. I hope the quilting group goes well. It would be lovely to see what you make.
    Ali x

  8. Not thought of an iPad pillow - looks a great idea, and I love the fabric!!

  9. Looks great for any project let alone for someone starting out on their sewing adventure. Well done.

  10. First time I've seen a ipad pillow. What a great idea. Saves having to hold it with one hand.

  11. What a great idea, need one for my netbook too!

  12. Your iPad cushion is amazing! Brilliant colours!


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