Saturday, 20 April 2013



So carrying on from my last post where I showed you my strips and mistakes, I then sewed all of my strips together.

Now, I am pretty chuffed with it. but you can see in the top right hand side that the pattern has gone wrong!

Gutted! I had followed my plan to the letter (or so I thought).

This probably looks like a load of scribbled rubbish to you but meant everything to me!!

So the question was, what to do next considering it really isn't any good? Do I carry on and make it into a quilt so at least I've had a go at the complete process of quilt making OR maybe unpick the lot and try something different.

What do you think?



  1. I think these things happen when you have quite similar fabrics. I think you have done a great job. On my last quilt, I have one square facing the other way but you really don't notice it much. I suppose what you do depends on how much it bothers you.

  2. I wouldn't unpick the whole thing... only just the blocks you want to move. It will take a little more manoeuvering to sew those blocks back into place than when sewing completed strips, but by doing that you'd have the pattern you set out to create.

  3. I feel your pain,as my seam ripper is never put away since I am constantly using it :( I say if it bothers you just fix the out of place blocks,other wise leave it. It is quite lovely the way it is :)

  4. There are only a couple of blocks that are in the wrong place. I'd just pick those out - it looks like one or two "big" blocks got turned around and hopefully will be an easy fix. We've all done something like that - its how we learn!


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