Sunday, 26 May 2013

Charm Quilt


Before I start, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who have answered my questions. As you know, I am a complete beginner and am more or less teaching myself, so I have lots and lots of questions.

On my last blog post, I asked why I need to measure borders and not just attach them and then cut to size. Thank you for all your replies, but I still don't get it. You say that it keeps the blocks square. How? Let's say the quilt is slightly bigger at the top than at the bottom. Do you have to physically make the quilt fit?

I'm going to move on and show you a charm quilt I've started. Be warned, this is photo heavy! I bought this gorgeous charm pack.

It's called Honey Honey by Moda. I found a pattern on the net and am on my way to making but stupidly, or wisely as I have to learn, the quilt is blocks of 4 charms together, with borders around. Seeing as I'm struggling with borders at the moment I guess it's do or die!

So I've made a start and sewn the charms into blocks of 4.

I haven't decided what colour to do the borders yet. I keep looking at them but can't decide. 
I'm quite excited that I now have Works in Progress (WIPs). Yay me!!!

That's it for today.



  1. These are lovely will make a great quilt.

  2. Love the colours! Borders could be any of these colours but I'd be tempted to start with a thin border of the dark blue followed by a wider one in one of the brighter colours. Look forward to seeing it when it's done!

  3. It is hard to make a suggestion without seeing the pattern but I think I would try an off white or white, especially since it is a baby quilt.

  4. I am loving the color combinations....Can't wait to see the finished product!


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