Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hello to you all and also to my new followers. Thank you so much!

Today I'm going to talk ribbon. All of us crafters love it and I have loads of it. Now, in Harlow we have a scrap store. Basically, this is where end of line of discontinued 'stuff' is taken rather than go to landfill. There is a large warehouse and playgroups, schools, charities can go along, pay a fee and take away loads and loads (and I MEAN loads ) to use. Myself and a couple of colleagues went along and we managed to fill  2 large shopping trollies full of things for school that could be used in art, DT and play construction. Fab times. We were so happy! Then they have a resource side, where you can pay for items. 

Look what I found (excuse the poor quality photos)

It's difficult to see how large these spools are, although you get a better idea in the last photo, but one of those spools has 100m on it! I paid £4.50 for the middle spool and £4 each for the other 2!!!!

OMG - Talk about bargains!!!!!

Catch up with you soon

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