Sunday, 21 October 2012

Exciting news!

Hi everyone,

Lots of new followers to say hi to. I really appreciate it and love reading your comments.

It's time for Handmade Monday 89 (gosh don't the weeks fly by?)

So, I've some really exciting news. I've taken the plunge and started my own website to sell my cards. Now I've got to work out how to promote it. I use twitter but am worried that people will think I'm spamming if I do it too much. I have facebook too, so am looking for new ideas. 

Of course the other major thing I have to do is add more stock (and lots of it!). Doing that, along with getting ready for Christmas craft fairs (no I haven't done that either), a possibility of moving house and needing to look for a new job, I'm rather busy. Thank goodness it's half term next week.

Anyway, you can view my site here.



  1. How exciting - good luck - off to have a look :)

  2. Well done for taking the plunge - all the best with your new venture.


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